Training & Knowledge Transfer

In StatDec we believe in an open approach and welcome client participation in all phases of an analysis.

Responding to frequent requests from Clients, StatDec developed very active training engagements, both bespoke sessions for a single organization or open public courses.

On-Site training sessions on Retail Credit Risk, Models Development, Coding in SAS and Machine Learning with Python are offered as separate streams or in combination.

Retail Portfolios training sessions aim to provide practical insights on areas related to the management of the Credit Cycle. 

Typical workshop themes are:

  • Introduction to Consumer Lending
  • Portfolio MIS
  • New Business Acquisition
  • Basel
  • Collections Management
  • Profitability - Risk and Return
  • Business Training Games - Portfolio Management, Credit Scoring and Collections

Hands-on modules that go step by step through to the completion of an analytics project.

Topics include:

  • Application Score Development
  • Behaviour Score Development
  • Development & interpretation of Validation Reports
  • PD, CCF and LGD models development

StatDec has used SAS software for over 25 years as part of its analytics and consulting services. Answering to frequent partners’ requests for technical training in using SAS, we have developed our SAS training modules, tailored to the Risk Professional needs.

More than 200 professionals of the banking sector have attended StatDec's SAS Training modules in basic, advanced or customized/ad-hoc subjects.

Modules provided are:

Code Module Title Duration (min) Level
INT.1 Introduction to SAS environment 90 Basic
INT.2 Importing Data 150 Basic
INT.3 Data Steps & Data Manipulation 120 Basic
INT.4 Processes &:Analysis 120 Basic
INT.5 Merging Data 120 Medium
INT.6 Processes : Reports 210 Medium
ADV.1 Data Manipulation 180 Advanced
ADV.2 Macro Variables & Macro Procedures 240 Advanced
ADV.3 Index and Merges 150 Advanced
ADV.4 Reporting 120 Advanced

StatDec offers courses on data analysis and Machine Learning Models Development using Python.

The aim of the courses is to develop the skills required so as trainees to be in position to exploit the robust analytics methods Python universe can offer in Machine Learning, Data Visualization and Data Analysis.

Main characteristics of StatDec’s Python Training services are:

- Modules for Entry and Advanced levels 
- Courses can be customized to the Organization Data and Analytics objectives 
- Courses consisting of theory and hands-on sessions
- The courses can be hosted in StatDec or Client premises while following the completion of the seminar, remote assistance on the modules can be provided.

An indicative Entry Python Seminar can include the following modules:

Code Module Title Level
PY.1 Introduction to Python Basic
PY.2 Machine Learning Basics Basic
PY.3 Data Analysis with Pandas Basic
PYV.1 Data Visualization (MatplotLib, Seaborn, Plotly) Basic & Medium
PY.4 Data preparation (cleaning, normalization etc.) Basic & Medium
PYML.1 Supervised Machine Learning: Logistic regression, Decision Trees, Random Forest, Support Vector Machines [SVM] Basic & Medium
PYML.2 Unsupervised Machine Learning: Clustering [K-Means] Basic & Medium
PYML.3 Model evaluation (train/test, K-Fold Cross Validation) Basic & Medium

For information about training sessions you can communicate with us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.