MIS Specification & Implementation


Good MI must be accurate, based on the right information, answer the right questions and the results be able to be clearly interpreted, making it actionable.  

StatDec can analyze business data and then design accurate reporting for tracking key areas of business interest. Utilizing our experience in processing data, StatDec's added-value comes from in-depth evaluation of data quality, relevance and accuracy to ensure that the deliverable is the best representation of the actual situation.

Adding appropriate business targets or benchmarks to reports makes interpretation and monitoring of performance more meaningful. StatDec can assist in setting applicable objectives.

Standard MIS projects include Score Tracking & Validation, Portfolio Performance and Projections.

We can specify MIS:

To Manage the functional areas of the credit cycle:

- Credit Initiation

- Portfolio Management

- Collections

To Monitor Portfolio Performance by product and sub-segments including: 

- Volume trends Revolving product trends (activity/spend/revolve) 

- Delinquency/NPL levels and trends

- Flow Rates 

- Vintage Analysis

- Write-Off and Recovery Tracking  

Reports designed to track key areas of business focus, with the quality of StatDec's analytics.