Scoring & Analytics for TelCo & Energy Providers


Scoring models and analytics are widely used by telecommunication (Telco), Internet and Energy providers for an efficient management of their client base and support expansion to new client segments.

Models are built to answer specific questions of the organization, such as what is the probability of a client to leave (churn models), will a client pay the bill, propensity of customer reaction to an event, etc.

Furthermore, MIS design allows to track business KPI, adjust to market events and make better use of the data already available in the organization.

Models for Energy and Telco providers usually cover the following topics:

  • Risk & Default
  • Attrition or Churn Probabilities
  • Response , Cross-Sell, Renewal
  • Profitability and Lifetime Value
  • Utilization of Limit
  • Fraud
  • Propensity (customer reaction to an action)

Why StatDec?

With 30 years of experience in developing and supporting predictive models, StatDec is a reliable and experienced partner that can support Telco and Energy providers to make knowledge out of their data and implement data-driven decision models and strategies.

Usual benefits from StatDec's analytic services in Telco and Energy providers may fall in the following categories:

  • Ability to Automate & Standardize Actions
  • Targeted Customer Approach
  • Cost Reduction
  • Pro-active Strategies
  • Allowance for Champion : Challenger business culture
  • Measurable Results
  • Closer portfolio monitoring and data management
  • Collections efficiency