Our Values

Our business Values and practices, as developed over the years are:

Commitment & Responsibility – We take ownership of our assignments and we are committed to provide superior services to our clients.

Quality – We believe in our work and we place our outmost care on each project.

Integrity – Proud for our strong business ethics and integrity.

Respect – Statdec’s working culture is in its core based on respect; towards and from our clients and associates, but also between staff members

A Tailored Solution – No two institutions or sets of circumstances are the same; In StatDec we do not offer off-the-shelf solutions but instead approach each project as a unique challenge and delivers targeted solutions set at the correct level for each situation. 

Full Consultation – Success in retail banking involves the interaction of many processes and areas of the business. With our in-depth knowledge and extensive experience of the whole cycle, we are able to advise our clients on the impact of changes not only in the area being examined but also the knock-on effects on other areas of the business.

Not content with just reporting numbers; all of our reports, analysis and other outputs are reviewed by more than one experienced professionals who add targeted consultation and actionable recommendations

Full Disclosure – StatDec abhors the black-box approach offered by many in the industry. In order for a business to progress it is essential that their staff becomes familiar with the rationale, functioning and impact of all parts of the credit cycle. To this end, knowledge transfer is an inherent and fundamental part of every StatDec’s project.

Collaboration – is the key to the success of a project with both parties, StatDec team and the client, working closely together, building trust and each providing important insights; StatDec will bring the same high degree of commitment to every project

IT-Independent Solutions that allow flexibility in implementation alternatives and avoid compatibility constraints

Flexible and Responsive Project Management, so as to link deliverables with findings throughout the analysis